Thursday, December 24, 2009

Back HOME!

Finnaly, I`m back home. and I have acces to all the ``communication with freinds`` sites. I know the right word is networking sites, but i like the way communication with friends sounds.

So, from now on, I will start posting all the pictures I could not post since 13.05.2009, when the started to be censured in China. I hope you will all enjoy it .

And For the moment, I Wish You Merry, Merry Christmas And Happy, Happy New

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Europe Day

11.05.2009 - Party for 9 may, the Europe Day.
I rearley go to the parties, but this one was really impresive: I realize how many europeans work in China, especially in diplomatic positions!
some moments from this party I manage to keep it for the future...
First - the welcome ceremony..

A great green garden, in a very quaiet ``corner`` in Beijing center!!!
The EU ``Ambasador``, singing for all the guests

and the belgian ambasador (?)
Praparations for a performant performing
and the huge birthday cake, just for us!!! mmmiaaaamm, really tasty

Saturday, May 9, 2009

LONGQING XIA - The dragon valley

09.05.2009 - Another saturday, another discovery!
Longqing xia - The valley of the dragon. 80 km north of Beijing!
An incredible place from which we just see a drop!

Long -the dragon!

and his moths.... were all the visitors disapear!

new friends

discovering a long valley - the long long valey


In the dragon stomach!

and up to the tail!

Hope no more forgeting my walnuts``he tao`` = good for the brain!
finally I understand way!

admiring the landscape

Li Laoshi , chinese teacher - think is one of the best teacher I`ve met
like we say in Romania...un dascal adevarat

one 460 years cupressus

Dragons in every corner, watching the visitors

Chinese or inca???

The most difficult part - missing home!
This place remind me so much of my mountains, my home country!
And these people remind me so much of my friends!

The paradise of plants and horticulture...
Even a prunus triloba with fruits... ahhh .... home again

And the first chinese hat that I see...

A huge thanks and hug for ``wode hanyu laoshi``, for offering me this trip!